Sam Shoemaker

B. 1991, Lives and works in Los Angeles



  • M.F.A. Yale School of Art, candidate for graduating class of 2020

  • B.F.A. California Institute of the Arts, 2014.

  • Glasgow School of Art (Sculpture), 2013.

  • Yale Summer School of Art, Norfolk, CT, 2013.



  • Solo Exhibition 'Play Pen', Nous Tous Gallery, Los Angeles, CA/ June-July 2018

  • Group Exhibition 'They Think They Think', Jace Space, Los Angeles, CA/ November 2017

  • Group Exhibition 'Sub Terrain', Figures on a Landscape, Los Angeles, CA/ November 2017

  • Solo Exhibition 'Hobby Room', House Guest, Los Angeles, Ca/ September 2017

  • Group Exhibition 'City Limits', Collective Arts Incubator, Los Angeles, Ca/ July 2017

  • Group Show, Page N.Y.C., NY / July-August 2016

  • 'Polymorphic material fog rolls over their morning pathway', Two Person Exhibition with Will Shea, Human Interest Group, Dallas, TX / July 2016

  • Group Show 'Stitch, Woven, Interlocking', Kunstverein Letschebach. Karlsruhe, Germany / Jan-Mar 2016

  • Group Show 'Stitch', Driveway 327 Venice, CA / 2015

  • Solo Exhibition 'Rectilinear Fun', Main Gallery at CalArts, Santa Clarita, CA / 2014

  • Group exhibition "The Armory Show and Tell" Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA. Collaboration with Shirley Tse / 2013

  • Solo Exhibition "shape games", Lime Gallery at CalArts, Santa Clarita, CA / 2013


  • Jace Space

    • Solo exhibition and performance 'ENDBRINGER / HEAVEN AS HIGH AS THIS / PRESSING A FLOWER BETWEEN PLANES /', Patrick Michael Ballard/ July 2018

    • Two Person Exhibition 'Moss and Well', Tasha Romano and Vanessa Shih/ July 2018

    • Solo Exhibition 'Proposal for a Self Referential Book', Dennis Buck/ July 2018

    • Solo Exhibition 'Dim Beam Simulcast', Amia Yokoyama/ June 2018

    • Solo Exhibition at House Guest co-curated with Patrick Michael Ballard 'Rule of a High Priest Volume II', Anne Guro Larsmon/ May 2018

    • Solo Exhibition co-curated with Patrick Michael Ballard 'Rule of a High Priest Volume I', Anne Guro Larsmon/ May 2018

    • Screening 'Resonance', a collaboration between Jesse Matthew Clark and Elias Pack/ May 2018

    • Solo Exhibition 'Dora Drawings', Andre Filipek/ November 2017

    • Solo Exhibition 'Feeding Time', Evans Wittenberg/ August 2017

    • Group Exhibition 'Hgggggggggggh', Emmanuella Soria Ruiz, Ananya Ramanan, Sascha Yurchak and Jon Merritt/ June-July 2017

    • Group Exhibition 'Mindsculptor', Bryan Morello, Rebecca Lieb, Paul J. McKee and Will Shea/ December 2016

    • Group Exhibition 'Domestic Observations', Kate Mosher Hall, Monika Uchiyama, Alice Lang, Winnie Herbstein, and Magnus Flowers / November 2016